Soulful Coaching -- what is involved!

Soulful Coaching is based on the client making life decisions in full alignment with their Soul's Potential. Acting from their inner Soul Wisdom to maximise their health & increase success in life & business.

Soul Coaching In Life:-

I work with people who wish to live their lives - "On Purpose! Who wish to achieve their highest potential in this life; who seek Spiritual Enlightenment. Who recognise the real connection between their Soul & Life Purpose.

Soul Coaching in Business:-

I know what it feels like to be the therapist or coach who works hard. Continuously trying to find new innovative ways of attracting clients to my business. Looking at all the other successful therapists/coaches out there who were busy and making a decent income from their wellbeing business. Comparing myself to them, feeling they knew something I didn't know - why couldn't I be successful like them! If you can relate to this, have struggled to attract clients, make enough money or regularly feeling drained when you do get momentum in your business, then you need to find out more about my "Clarity & Client Attraction Program".
Simply book a "FREE Discovery Call" with me today! No hard sales, simply share your current life or business challenge with me, and allow me to share with you how exactly I can help you to get you on the fast-track to Success!

Do You...

  • Lack clarity in your holistic or coaching business?
  • Feel stuck and can’t find a way forward?
  • Want to get clarity on who your ideal client is for your business?
  • Constantly attract your ideal client to your business?
  • Master Your Sensitive Energy so it isn't having a negative impact on your business?
  • Want to feel proud of the income you earn, doing the work you love?
  • Want to learn a healing therapy so you can do self-healing & Master Your Sensitive Energy System?
  • Feel like you have outlived your current job, relationship but feel helpless to change this?
  • Sabotage your own efforts and procrastinate all the time?
  • Stop Feeling overwhelmed every time you start to gain traction in your business ?

Why others have chosen to work with me?

  • As an Empath & HSI Entrepreneur this my passion and speciality
  • Having run a successful Therapy & Coaching Business for almost 20 years, I know what works.. I have the solutions to your business dilemmas!
  • I have extensive holistic & coaching qualifications and actively worked with hundreds of clients in the areas of Personal, Spiritual & Business Growth. I combine my Energy Work in my coaching work which ensures processing of changes is achieved on a deep level..
  • I have helped my past clients turn their business around, from struggling to attract clients to doing so with ease. From making very little money, to charging their true worth.

“If Others Can Do it, So Can You”!

But don’t just take my word for it, here is what others have said about my work:

Yvonne is a fantastic NLP Life Coach. Her ability to understand her clients, help them get the best out of themselves and focus on the solution ensures that she is very effective at what she does. 

Owen Fitzpatrick
Co-Founder, Irish Institute of NLP

Yvonne Clarke is a resilient and committed Life and Business Coach who is constantly updating her skills to ensure that she is at the forefront of the most recent advances in Coaching

Brian Colbert
Owner, Irish Institute of NLP

Yvonne is an intuitive and adaptable therapist & coach and I can recommend her work most highly. She has a breadth of knowledge and experience that few have in this field, which when added to her natural enthusiasm, energy and empathy make her an outstanding change worker.

Martin Styles
Owner, Riverside Hypnotherapy & Coaching


(Normally €100)

"Get Clarity & Attract Clients"

How do I book my Discovery Session?

Simply hit the “Book Discovery Session Button” above and complete the booking form online and receive confirmation of your booking. This is an initial session lasting thirty minutes over Skype or by phone, where you can find out more about how specifically I can help you in your business. No Hard Sales Tactics are used - Totally your choice to work with me or not!


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