Sound is a type of energy medicine that creates the sacred space in which people can heal. Sound heals deep in the body, on a physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual level. Through the medium of sound frequencies and vibration we can return our human vibration to the frequency of health and feel vibrant and strong. We are vibratory beings, as every cell in our body is vibrating as a matter of course. When this vibratory frequency is within the healthy range, then we will be in good health. If this vibration goes out of resonance then our physical body will start to become unhealthy and symptoms of dis-ease will be seen and diagnosed by your allopathic doctor. Sound healing works to return your body back into the healthy vibratory frequency which thereby supports and promotes health and wellbeing throughout your entire physical, mental emotional and spiritual bodies.

It also creates the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive understanding.

Creating, a deep sense of tranquility, groundedness, sound sleep, and lower blood pressure, clients often report feeling the effects of the treatment for extended periods of time. Sessions also provide relief from pain and stress-related conditions.
Sound is widely used in hospitals (ultrasound and infrasound) to treat many health challenges as well as a method of scanning the body. It is an ancient healing modality which has the power to heal us on all levels of our being, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

In a sound healing session, you will lie down on plinth and relax into the healing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drum, Gong, Bells and healing chant. These sounds can return you to a natural state of wellbeing within the physical, mental and emotional layers of your body. Sacred sounds such as those mentioned, work deeply within each cell of your body, releasing any old patterns and replacing it with fresh life force energy leaving you feeling lighter and revitalised.

If you would like to ask any questions before you book your session, please contact Yvonne for further clarification.

Yvonne received her Advanced Level 2 Diploma in Sound Healing (with distinction) in 2016.

But don’t just take my word for it, here is what some of my clients have said about my work with them:

The feeling of wellbeing afterwards and knowing on the way up the motorway I am going to feel like this. Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, always feel very chilled afterwards. I look forward to coming as I know I will feel the benefits for quite a number of days after each session.

Sandra Rafferty

Yvonne knows what I am experiencing, she really gets how I feel and intuitively knows how to help me and she always does.

Teresa Lewis

Yvonne is very professional, calm, knowledgeable and gave really good recommendations for practice / homework between sessions.

Paula McCay