Yvonne Clarke is a resilient and committed Life and Business Coach who is constantly updating her skills to ensure that she is at the forefront of the most recent advances in Coaching.-Brian Colbert

Brian Colbert
Owner, Irish Institute of NLP

Yvonne knows what I am experiencing, she really gets how I feel and intuitively knows how to help me and she always does.

Teresa Lewis

Yvonne is very intuitive to how your feeling and what you need in every session. She is wonderful warm and easy to share your troubles with.

Anne Griffin

I have a renewed vigour now in my work & life, and I feel balanced, clear, in a good place and sure about where I go from here.

Carmel Walsh

Yvonne is a fantastic NLP Life Coach. Her ability to understand her clients, help them get the best out of themselves and focus on the solution ensures that she is very effective at what she does. 

Owen Fitzpatrick
International Best Selling Author, Psychologist, Trainer & Speaker. Regarded as a Leading Expert on Influence.

My sessions with Yvonne, have been a catalyst for me to progress on my spiritual journey.- Always feel a sense of peace and calm within and around me now.

Patricia Langton

Yvonne is very professional, calm, knowledgeable and gave really good recommendations for practice / homework between sessions.

Paula McCay

The feeling of wellbeing afterwards and knowing on the way up the motorway I am going to feel like this. Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, always feel very chilled afterwards. I look forward to coming as I know I will feel the benefits for quite a number of days after each session.

Sandra Rafferty