The Amazing Power Of Journaling

  One of the issues that many people are struggling with during the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Covid-19 restriction ,is coping with overwhelm leading to anxiety. Each of us has an inbuilt survival and self-protection system which resides in the reptilian portion of our brain. Its main purpose is ensuring our safety and maintaining our…

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Covid -19 Presents Opportunities – Will You Take Them?

Covid -19 Presents Opportunities – Will You Take Them? I believe “Everything Happens for a Reason” This pandemic has made us stop and listen. It”s blatant disregard for age, creed, colour or wealth – has stunned our global community into listening. We have been given a sharp reminder of our human frailty, our vulnerability and…

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Suffering in Silence is Never the Answer!

  It is often how we are raised, the beliefs we absorb from our parents unconsciously which determines how we cope with life’s challenges. These ‘Un-conscious Beliefs’ remain dormant within our brain, until we find ourselves in a situation which challenges us to act.   Everyone’s actions in dangerous or threatening situations, stem from our…

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The Hidden Journey of An Empath

The journey of the Empath is varied and often comes from a place of darkness within the Light. It is a serious vocation and a Soul who has many lives to complete. A Soul with many missions but none greater than holding the Light within the depths of planetary darkness and challenge. Most Empaths are…

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