Highly Sensitive Intuitive Entrepreneur

Hi, as you can see from my qualifications, I am a HSI entrepreneur, having run my own business now for almost twenty years. Initially, I worked as a Holistic Therapist in a variety of therapies, then I obtained my Coaching qualification in 2009/10 and have worked as a Coach and Therapy Trainer since then.

You are welcome to my site, so glad you dropped by. I work with Highly Sensitive Intuitive female entrepreneurs who are struggling to consistently attract clients, find it hard to master their sensitivity, and make the income they desire, doing what they love!
Does this sound familiar?
If so I can help you to convert your wellbeing business into the successful busy practice that makes you feel so proud.
I used to be YOU! That is how I know that I can help you. As a Sensitive Intuitive Entrepreneur, you need to be able to answer these questions, in detail in order to gain and maintain successful traction in your business.

  • Who your "Ideal Client" Is?
  • Why They Are Your Ideal Client?
  • Your Mission For Your Business?
  • Your Passionate Why?
  • Your Zone of Genius?
  • Your Unique Skills?
  • Your Client Niche?
  • How do you Master Your Sensitivity?
  • What Your Ideal Client wants specifically?
  • What Is Your Ideal Client's Greatest Challenge?
  • How You Can You Overcome This Challenge?

If you can answer all of these questions, then I guess you already have a successful business. However, if you cant, then I can absolutely help you to uncover the answers specific to your business.

My Mission

To Empower Other Highly Sensitive Intuitive Female Entrepreneurs To Own & Get Recognition For Their Gift & The Impact It Creates! 

My deep passion and true purpose is helping women to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential in life.  I believe each person has a unique & rich tapestry to weave in life, and possess an inner power deep within to complete their masterpiece.  However, sometimes they need the right key to unlock their inner doorway.  As an Empowerment Mentor & Healer, I shine the light that allows you to choose the correct key to unlock your doorway into intuitive, integral knowledge ,so you begin to live your life,  with true purpose, fully aligned with your deepest truth.

I have run a successful Holistic & Coaching business now for almost twenty years. Throughout that journey, I have had to learn the successful strategies/tools that would ensure I could make money doing the work I love, as a Heart-Centred entrepreneur. I now help other Sensitive Intuitive Entrepreneurs be successful in business,  doing what they love,  without compromising their intrinsic values of high integrity, honesty & truth. This allows them to consistently attract their ideal clients, whom they are passionate to help, without feeling energetically drained or depleted, which can be an issue for us as Empaths, in business.


If you are ready to Get Clarity, Learn How To Consistently Attract new clients to your successful business, Master Your Sensitivity & Be Aligned  with your Soul Purpose, then you are in the right place!


  • 5 1-1 online powerful online coaching sessions
  • Learn how to leverage yourself as an expert and authority to attract and convert your perfect clients
  • Discover Your Secret Superpower For Your Business Success
  • Learn Powerful Marketing Strategy To Maximise Your Success
  • Full Voxer Support for the duration of the Program

Bonus FREE Additional 1-1 Empowering Mentoring Session to keep you on track (On Completion of Program)

If you are ready to learn the Business Strategies That Work For Sensitive Intuitive Female Entrepreneurs in the Online/Offline World - Then This Program is for You!

Are you ready to step up and be the successful entrepreneur you were born to be? Are you willing to learn new strategies that work in your business? Are you committed to earn the income you desire, doing the work you love? But you would like to find out more about my  "Clarity & Client Attraction Program" in relation to your business?  Don't Wait! Book a Free Discovery Session Today & Get Clarity Now!

Yvonne’s Qualifications-

Personal Development

  • NLP Master Practitioner/Coach
  • Adult Psychology
  • Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Accredited Psychotherapist

Spiritual Development

  • Reiki Practitioner/Trainer
  • Sound Healer
  • Accredited Advanced Hypnotherapist
  • Angel & Ascension Teacher