Coach To Other Female Sensitive Intuitive Wellbeing Entrepreneurs!

Would you like to get "Crystal Clear" On Who Your Ideal Client is?
Are You Struggling To Consistently Attract New Clients
Are You "Tired of Playing Small"?
Are Ready To Earn the Money You Deserve?

"Hi! My Name is Yvonne Clarke, I'm a Client Attraction Coach To Other Highly Sensitive Intuitive Coaches & Therapists working in the Wellbeing area.  Who are Struggling to Consistently Attract Clients, Master their Sensitivity, Earn the Amazing Income They Deserve and Desire, Doing What They Love!

If You Have Been Experiencing A "Feast Or Famine" in relation to attracting clients to your business, then you have come to the right place!  With my help and guidance you will learn the tools and client attraction strategies that work! Your 'Ideal Clients' will be attracted to you like a magnet. You will be making the income you deserve, you alone will decide the limit to your business success!

Most Sensitive Entrepreneurs Struggle To Consistently Attract Clients Because of These Limiting Beliefs!
  • Grab Every Client They Can - Need the Money?
  • Are under pressure to pay their bills, so they work with whoever asks?
  • Feel Guilty, They Should Help To Heal Everyone, Right?
  • Deep Down They Don't Believe They Are Worthy?
  • Haven't Got A Robust Energy Management System in Place For Themselves?
  • Aren't Clear About Who Their Ideal Client Is?
  • Haven't Set Clear Boundaries In Their Business?
  • Don't Actually Know Who Their Ideal Client Is?
  • Doubt Their Ability To Help Clients, Who are They To Help Others When They Struggle To Master Their Own Life?
  • Feel They Are Too Sensitive To Be a Successful Healer or Coach
  • Feel They Are Running On Empty and In Danger Of Burnout!
  • Lack the self-confidence to make the changes they know they need to make?
  • Feel They "Just Aren't Good Enough" and Often Feel Like Giving Up
  • Are Tired Of Continually Hustling To Get Clients, Fed Up of Trying!
  • Often Feel They Need To Withdraw & Regroup, Feel So Overwhelmed by Clients Heavy Energy?
  • Can't Seem To Maintain Consistent Momentum in Their Business!

If this sounds familiar then it's time for you to ‘Sit in the driving seat’ and start to ‘Steer your business in Direction of SUCCESS’!

What if instead you:-

  • Woke up each morning feeling with absolute clarity about your business!
  • Were Earning The Income which Allows You FREEDOM To Live Your Life On Your Terms? As the Successful Entrepreneur You Were Born To Be?
  • Excited To Work With Your Amazing Ideal Clients, That You Consistently Attract Like A Magnet!
  • Feeling Energetically In Alignment - Having Mastered Your Sensitive Energy System


Are you ready to Step Up, Stand Out, Be Visible & get recognition as the Expert Therapist or Coach that you absolutely Deserve to Be. Are you living your life & running your business in full alignment with your Soul Purpose!

Trust me,  I know what you are going through, because I have been there and I have discovered the safe path you need to walk, to be the successful entrepreneur you were born to be! How you can feel empowered, fulfilled & be super successful running your business in alignment with your Soul Purpose. Using your gift of sensitivity effectively, consistently attracting your Ideal Client, without fear of overwhelm or burnout & making money you desire doing what you love!

Book a Free Online Discovery Session, Let's Get Your Business In Alignment Today!

I offer a limited number of FREE Discovery Sessions to my customers each month. If you would like to take the first step towards:-

  • Gaining clarity on your ideal client
  • Begin To Master Your Sensitive Energy, Use It Effectively
  • Gain Confidence & Support from an experienced Sensitive Coach
  • Getting relief from that feeling of being overwhelmed !
  • Learn Simple But Amazing Client Attraction Strategies That Work
  • Stop feeling Overwhelmed ~ then simply Book Your FREE DISCOVERY SESSION TODAY!



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Praise by Clients & Colleagues

See what my customers are saying!

"Yvonne is very intuitive to how your feeling and what you need in every session. She is wonderful warm and easy to share your troubles with"

Anne Griffin

"I have a renewed vigour now in my work & life, and I feel balanced, clear, in a good place and sure about where I go from here"

Carmel Walsh

"My sessions with Yvonne, have been a catalyst for me to progress on my spiritual journey.- Always feel a sense of peace and calm within and around me now"

Patricia Langton