Empowerment is an “Inside Job – Helping you to plan a better future today!“.


Welcome to my new website! I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages and perhaps you may be drawn to attend one of my groups or book a private consultation program. I love what I do and enjoy facilitating people on their journey of self-empowerment and healing. 

It is my passion and my life purpose to guide you to heal, to help you overcome and work through your challenges in life. We all encounter difficulties in life,  nobody is immune to this experience. Mostly, we deal with it alone quite well, however there are times when professional assistance is needed to ensure we regain a state of optimum wellbeing. It is not weak to admit we require  help to navigate on our journey. Once we come out the other side, we can feel much stronger and with a real sense of empowerment, self confidence and vibrance.

Yvonne’s personal experience & extensive qualifications, coupled with her passion and natural intuitive sense can guide you to your place of vibrant power.

Every challenge is an opportunity to ‘learn and grow’ moving us in the direction of our personal ‘nirvana’ here on earth.

You can join Yvonne’s exclusive “Simply Being Me Group”, this group meets regularly to explore and dive deeper into many areas of Personal & Spiritual Development. In this group, you will benefit from Yvonne’s detailed knowledge and be guided towards a deeper understanding of your own personal journey. You will also meet similar people like you, who are also exploring this path to self discovery and personal empowerment.   You can read more and join this group today. Groups

Yvonne worked for 32 years in a corporate environment while developing her healing practice part-time at first. In 2008,  she opened her healing practice on a full time basis.  Since then she has helped hundreds of people with her unique self-empowerment groups, courses and unique private consultation programs. Explore more about Yvonne’s unique consultation programs here.

Since 1999 Yvonne has trained and qualified to advanced levels in a large range of complimentary therapies. She continues to train and updates her skills regularly.

Yvonne’s qualifications include:
Reiki – Master/Teacher,Pranic Healer, NLP Master Coach. Accredited Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist, Angel Healer & Teacher, Adult Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Sound Healer.